Poking holes in the tech devices ban

I try to keep my posts as politically neutral as possible but there’s one new issue that really bothers me – banning tech devices. While I support all measures to keep passengers and crew safe, the latest U.S. and U.K. bans on tech devices has so many adjustments to be made before it can really be effective. This ban has more holes than a wool blanket in a moth farm.

The ban only effects travellers from certain locations. This is the travel industry and passengers have multiple stops.  Passengers can fly to an unaffected country or location, claim their luggage and get on another flight. Easy to fix? Probably not, but banning the devices on ALL inbound flights would make more sense. Just sayin’.


Size doesn’t matter

The banned devices are listed as “larger than a cell phone”. There’s this thing the tech industry has been talking about lately called THE CLOUD. This means that cell phones and smaller devices are fully capable and designed to  access other connected devices remotely.  To put it into simple terms, if you have a cell phone, you can get to all your files and data in a flash.

Poorly managed – more confusion

I’ve accidentally left my cell phone on during a domestic (Canada) flight and no one was any the wiser.  I’m no aviation expert, but someone should design a hot spot checker to scan for active devices. What’s more, the airline industry has seen enough controversy over mismanaged regulations – the liquids ban is evidence of this. However, they haven’t upped their game. In researching this article, finding answers by the creators of the ban themselves was difficult. Creating confusion among air transportation staff just opens doors of opportunities for those with ill intentions.

It’s 2017 and I expect more from world leaders.

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