Access to accessibility

Happy Friday seniors! If you’re reading this, accessibility might not be of any importance to you right now. However, it may come in handy in the future or good information to pass on.

The internet seems to be an exclusive tool reserved for those who can read on a screen. Not so! Did you know that there are screen readers? Many different types exist and they are certainly worth looking into since most websites do not publish with UX or accessibility for seniors or visually impaired in mind.

Apple and Microsoft have both published a lot of options, these links are worth checking out:

On a related note, I recently added a “Font Increaser” to this site that was getting a lot of use, however it was malfunctioning with the mobile version so anyone reading on a smart phone could not see it. I’ve removed it but the need for font resizing remains. As this project begins to take shape, I will be taking accessibility and UX for seniors into consideration. It may become the focus of my writing. Stay tuned!

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