Back without a plan

Happy new year! Cheers to 2017! I know I’m a bit late, it being halfway through January but I’m here. I started this blog with little direction, just an idea to discuss seniors using technology and the internet in today’s WiFi world. I still believe there’s a need for some guidance in that domain but not sure how to scope my ideas. Bear with me for the time being as I simply write off the top of my head.

January, and the time that shortly follows the holidays can be a time to return a lot of online purchases, if gift-giving is the main activity for you and your family. Online retailers and vendors should make the return process as easy as the initial purchase. Has that been your experience so far? Share your thoughts in the comments or email me. I’m collecting ideas and aiming to organize this blog. Call it a resolution….

More soon.

About Jennifer Stern

Blogger, writer, mother, daughter, wife - I'm firmly planted in the sandwich generation. I've spent years writing about technology and how to use it in the business world. Now I'm turning my vocation into passion and writing for a greater audience, those who can most benefit from convenience but who may be tech-shy. Welcome to Digital Seniors!