Be my valentine online

Happy Tuesday, seniors! Are any of you looking for love? St. Valentine’s day is not just for the young, it’s for the young at HEART! A few years ago, sites like eHarmony and were commonly used to browse through profiles that listed extensive details about potential matches. Users could learn about lifestyles, religious backgrounds, hobbies, physical attributes and a whole plethora of information, along with one or more pictures. Sitting in front of a screen made it easy to spend a lot of time learning about someone before committing to meeting them.

Then came social media dating and smart phone applications like Tinder, Zoosk and mobile versions of matchmaking sites like eHarmony and OurTime. You can quickly swipe and if your interest is piqued, the person on the other side is notified and contact is initiated, fast and on the go. Decisions are made on very brief information and you might end up meeting someone you wouldn’t necessarily be interested in if you took more time to learn about them. That’s great for fast lifestyles but not realistic when seeking compatibility.

I was chatting with a single friend recently and she has made me realize one challenge with social media dating that didn’t exist with traditional internet dating (yes, I just used the term ‘traditional’ and ‘internet dating’ together). My single friend recently brought a date to a dinner party and when I asked her about him, she said he was almost ‘dead in the water’ and that it was too bad she didn’t know sooner that he smoked.

That is the evolution of app dating. Had she read an extensive profile about him, she could have avoided the whole deal-breaker situation. Is this something that can influence how you’re looking for love in 2017? Do you use online or mobile dating apps? They are quite common these days among all age groups and with seniors, I’d recommend learning as much as possible about a potential date before committing to in-person meetings. Talk to people! Use a telephone for talking instead of swiping. And happy Valentine’s Day!

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