Beyond the gadget

Hello seniors! I’ve always said, “the internet is a buffet.” Meaning, there are endless choices to make, you just need to focus on what you crave. And with the gift giving season coming up,I’ve been reading about different devices and gadgets to write about it’s overwhelming. Technology is really revolutionizing lifestyles and not just for seniors. When I started my career before the year 2000, the internet was a tool that was starting to eliminate phone books, postage stamps and typewriters….almost two decades later, it amazes me how I can keep an eye on my cat and play with her while I’m away from home and help loved ones live independently longer. Check out these lifestyle game-changers using internet technology, which one do you want to integrate into your life?

Learn how using the internet can help you find your keys, or anything else

Watch what your cat does all day and make sure she stays active:

Discover how you can prolong independent living:

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