Digital bucket list – call for authors!

It’s officially spring in Canada although you wouldn’t know it from some of the weather forecasts across the country.  Traditional images of tulips and sunshine should be updated to melting, dirty snow, salt-stained boots and retailers trying to convince everyone they need new clothes, gardening tools and income tax services.

For some Canadian seniors, spring is a time when they return from winter homes down south. It’s a great time to come up with your digital bucket list! In addition to the collection of daredevil adventures you’re working on completing, somethings can only be accomplished online. A digital bucket list allows you to shift certain tasks, hobbies or other achievements to the digital side and do them more conveniently. Here are a few ideas:

  • Organize your memories and create online photo albums
  • Learn to use FaceTime, Skype or other video calling tools to stay in touch
  • Make the move to online banking, shopping or prescription ordering
  • Learn the advanced features of your digital camera
  • Make additional income online
  • Adopt a paperless budget
  • Enhance your dating life with online matchmaking

With time and skills on your side, there’s a lot the internet and technology can assist you with. What’s on your digital bucket list for 2017? Contact me if you’d like to be a guest author on Digital Seniors Canada and write about it!


About Jennifer Stern

Blogger, writer, mother, daughter, wife - I'm firmly planted in the sandwich generation. I've spent years writing about technology and how to use it in the business world. Now I'm turning my vocation into passion and writing for a greater audience, those who can most benefit from convenience but who may be tech-shy. Welcome to Digital Seniors!