Digital gardening

Gardening zone map

The last thing I’d think about when discussing technology is gardening but it turns out that too has been digitized. Yup. digital disruption is sweeping over the gardening club. If you’re a digital skeptic, think about how your favourite green thumb hobby could use a boost:

  • Plant and pest identifiers
  • Schedulers and reminders
  • Expertise and advice
  • Plot managers

I downloaded and tried a few of the free apps. The scanners work best outside or with natural light and the organizational tools are what you make of them, meaning you get from them what you put in. Manage your app with detail and use the alerts as you need them.

One thing I did find very useful was a plant hardiness zone map. If you enable location settings for your gardening app, it can guide you accordingly and inform you of common pests with regards to the zone you’re in. I scanned a tree with Emerald Ash Borer and the problem came up right away.

Gardening zone map

Gardening zone map

For most seasoned gardeners, a zone map is nothing new but to newbies it can point them in the right direction and help set them up for success. Use this one from Natural Resources Canada before committing to an app.

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