Fitness tracker review: FitBit HR

Update: Check out this article about Fitness Trackers for more information:


A while back I posted my thoughts on fitness trackers. I have since invested in a FitBit HR and have come to a few opinions that may or may not ring true for seniors.


If nothing, my fitness tracker motivates me to get moving. It provides an instantly available look into my daily lifestyle. It’s as simple as looking at my phone to know how long I’ve been sitting, how many calories I’ve consumed and burned, how much water I’ve drunk and how efficient my exercise patterns are. I don’t input my diet every day but the app makes it easy to do so. I do follow how much I’ve incorporated walking into my daily life, and seeing it is a great motivator.


One fun aspect of my FitBit is linking up with family or friends to add some friendly competition or extra motivation. The app makes it very easy to adjust privacy settings and adds a fun flair to the goal of improving my lifestyle. I can congratulate family members who are also making progress and keep the conversation going beyond the smart phone screen, simply by incorporating healthy lifestyle tips, accomplishments and strategies with whomever I’m connected with. It’s social, but I control the information shared.


One feature that I’m not sure is necessary for me is the sleep monitor. I was born with the unique ability to feel tired when I haven’t slept enough, so the sleep feature is really not for me. I do notice that when I lie down to watch TV, the sleep monitor thinks I’m dozing away. This is motivation for me to reduce TV time almost entirely, so I guess it’s an added motivation feature, unintended but effective.


The heart rate tool on the device uses a bright light that can’t be dimmed. It’s tiny but I’m very sensitive to light when sleeping and even the tiniest flicker disturbs my sleep. So if you’re really looking forward to the sleep monitor, check out how bright the screen is before committing to the FitBit HR.


All-in-all, my FitBit is a great tool to keep an eye on my fitness. While it doesn’t have a professional medical background, I can see when my heart rate is spiking (during turbulence on a recent flight) and when I’m too sedentary and helping me improve my overall lifestyle is priceless. No regrets!

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