GoGoGrandparent – a value added Uber service

You’d have to be living under a pretty big rock to not have at least heard about Uber, Lyft and the disruption to the traditional taxi industry these days. The popular ride-sharing companies receive lots of attention, with cab driver protests disrupting traffic, customer commentary regularly making the news and ad-hoc employment fuelling a flexible workforce. For those unfamiliar with Uber and Lyft, drivers undergo checks before being hired and then pick up fares through a smart phone app. They work when they want, using their own cars. The dispatcher is the smart phone-empowered customer. Most news reports I’ve read claim the service is less expensive than traditional cab rides, depending on extreme demand circumstances. However, Uber, Lyft and the like are catered for the smart phone savvy traveller.

As we all know, “necessity is the mother of all invention” and a new flavour of transportation is available!   GoGoGrandparent is a ride sharing service for seniors. I’m quite sure you don’t have to be a grandparent or even use a smart phone. Their site is very well designed to help learn the process. GoGoGrandparent uses Uber but adds a layer of safety and added service for seniors. You can call using a traditional or smart telephone, and the automated menu is simple and explained on their website (AMAZING concept – helping us navigate through recorded telephone menus!). You can call for a demo (I did it and it was easy and pleasant). The added service that caters to seniors allows customers to know their driver’s car model, license plate, name and ETA. The added service also informs the driver their customer is senior and may need to be walked to the door or helped in and out of the car, giving the driver the opportunity to decline before they show up. New drivers are dispatched quickly according to their informative website. So if the driver doesn’t want to help they have the choice to decline, something I wish cab drivers from my past airport trips could do when I over packed on some business trips!

Now some skeptics might think this put the vulnerable at risk, but this service is safe. Uber drivers undergo checks. There is ample information about the safety of ride-sharing services: Google Search There is a record of who drives you to which location and GoGoGrandparent’s telephone menu even offers a pick-up service at your last drop-off. It’s not any less safe than calling a cab company.

This is a great example of how the internet offers convenience through custom service, powered by GPS and innovation. Well done! https://gogograndparent.com

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