Internet-based hearing loss testing – for the birds

TGIF – Thank goodness it’s fun. In trying to keep this blog relevant I read a few articles every week about seniors, specifically Canadian seniors and technology. One topic that comes up a lot is hearing loss.

I’m not a senior and even I have been bombarded over the years with all the statistics about undiagnosed hearing loss. Truth is, it’s an easy condition to manage if it happens to you. Gone are the days of bulky, uncomfortable hearing aids that squeal with feedback when uncalibrated. Modern technology has definitely benefitted the large community that needs assistance in hearing. However, as with any health related concerns, medical professionals are the only qualified people to diagnose and treat conditions. To prove my point, I took an online hearing test and my results were fine. They still recommend I speak to a professional, however. So while the process took all of three minutes, it was a genuine waste of time. Ask a doctor about hearing loss, not a website with internet traffic quotas.

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