Internet intent

Hello seniors! I’ve come to realize that this project, this blog and its purposes ARE HUGE. I started this to help seniors understand how to best use technology, mainly the internet and enjoy its conveniences but I’m realizing that’s far too general a task.

My scope is still being defined and it’s time I shared my philosophy with my audience. The internet will not stop influencing how we conduct our daily lives. It has re-defined several, if not all industries, and resistance is impossible. So that being said, my suggestion to you as I plan to go forward with this blog, is to decide what you want to do, and then learn it. Don’t allow the endless possibilities intimidate you into thinking the internet is a know-or-not-know tool. Set out your goal and then research. It could be as simple as replacing that old telephone book and learning how to use the online version or it could be as complex as booking your next vacation online with a credit card you applied for using online banking and a coupon code. Perhaps you will create complete scrapbooks from an entire lifetime of souvenir photos for each of your grandchildren or start your own post-retirement internet-based business. My point is this; tackle each task gradually without allowing the vastness of technology distract or intimidate you.

On that note, I’m looking for your suggestions, questions and comments to encourage quality content. Contact me!

About Jennifer Stern

Blogger, writer, mother, daughter, wife - I'm firmly planted in the sandwich generation. I've spent years writing about technology and how to use it in the business world. Now I'm turning my vocation into passion and writing for a greater audience, those who can most benefit from convenience but who may be tech-shy. Welcome to Digital Seniors!