Keying into LinkedIn

Hello senior career enthusiasts! I’ve read a few articles lately about second or post careers for the senior community. I couldn’t help but think about how the career, job hunting and networking landscape has changed in the past few years. For most careers, social networking is an irreplaceable dynamic when job-hunting. One of the most widely used social media sites for professionals is LinkedIn. While it’s been used for years, it remains the easy-to-use and frequented by recruiters, job-seekers, entrepreneurs and top employers. Simply put, there are few industries and positions that don’t benefit from LinkedIn networking and its endless users.

Like any self-managed profile social media site, you get from it what you put in. A good start is simply creating an online resume and connecting to colleagues, new and former. Resumes, CVs and career profiles are enhanced on LinkedIn through connections, endorsements and referrals. Some super users publish articles and collaborate openly while recruiters post opportunities and job openings. As with any profile site, there are users preying on and spamming users with pesky messages. It’s important to be wary on LinkedIn as it is with any online communication.

So while a lot of seniors looking for a second or third career may be new to the current trends in job hunting, never before has it been so easy to reconnect with former colleagues, employees and bosses. Simply use an email address book, contact name or search through a company’s list of employees and click ‘Connect’.

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