Pocket dialing…

Pocket dialing or purse dialing are common terms used for accidentally calling someone without being aware, due to touch screen mobile phones and easy-to-use (or mis-use) smart phone. Buttons are being unintentionally pressed in your pocket or handbag and you are randomly calling numbers stored in your phone, either as contacts or recent calls. As you can imagine, it can be amusing at first but quite an inconvenience or even expensive depending on your cellular telephone plan. Despite the many reasons to avoid doing it, many of us have been on the guilty side of pocket dialing or on the unfortunate receiving end. My own mother has called me at the most inopportune times, completely unaware she was doing so. Her Blackberry of doom, as I call it, was not being used properly with screen lock. When she expressed her desire to maybe get an iPhone I insisted she learn how to use one device before switching to another.

There are several ways to ensure you and your mobile phone are not guilty of this smart phone faux-pas. The easiest is to simply set your phone to Airplane Mode. This turns off all two-way communications so receiving calls will also be blocked. Airplane Mode will have to be set back to normal to receive emails, text messages and allow for incoming calls.  This solution is best when you only want your phone to have access to disconnected applications (pictures, music, saved information).

Common best practices, such as setting up a password to activate the phone and making sure it is in the off or standby setting will put an end to pocket dialing. There are also phone cases that close over the touch screen making it impossible for the buttons to be pressed if extra passwords are not an option. These cases can remain closed during active calls (once the screen is not in use), making them easy to hold during phone calls.


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