Review: Flipp app for savings

Now that tax season is almost done and I’ve been reminded of my financial situation, I’ve got a renewed interest in tightening my belt! Nope, I’m not talking about my pants size. I’m taking about my grocery bill. One of my favourite apps, and likely a lot of people’s favourite, is Flipp. This app takes extreme couponing to the next level. If you’re like me, one or two items on your shopping list at a lower price won’t send me on a wild goose chase to hunt for the best deal. I also don’t like demanding cashiers page their managers so they can “price match” the competition. Flipp changes all that – and not just for groceries. This Canadian app compiles all the published retail flyers and makes them searchable per your location, store choice, brand preference and availability. A-MAZING. Here’s a short list of some features that are truly outstanding for a senior trying to save a buck!

It’s all-inclusive and social! Flipp can help you take advantage of all those loyalty card deals. Simply go to your account in the app, scroll through the list of cards and scan the bar code on your card. Airlines and travel companies outside of Canada are included. For those of you that travel and like to collect points on all your purchases, this is a win-win. Flipp also makes it easy to create and share a shopping list. So if you’re living alone, or as a couple it’s still easy to save on bulk purchases or avoid two people picking up the same item.

It’s eco-friendly and local. Traditionally, flyer browsing is limited to local shops. Flipp goes beyond your postal code and includes online shopping offers as well. Seniors can really benefit from this since one of the most common complaints about online shopping is having to go to the post office or courier location to collect your package. Retired seniors or those without cars can plan to be home to receive the goods, eliminating the need to drive. Furthermore,  not only does it help retailers eliminate the need to print flyers, it helps you eliminate the need to write it down on paper. And as long as you remember your phone when you go shopping, you’ve got your list with you.

It’s convenient and free. This app cost nothing to download. Flipp doesn’t sell anything, it partners with the retailers and service providers that do. If you’ve got the space on your device, it’s an ideal way to manage your shopping for groceries, home goods, pharmacy, electronics and anything else that used to come in the flyer section of the newspaper. You can set up your account to be notified for deals on specific products you regularly buy or adjust the notifications depending on your needs. And you can save the list to look back on if you discovered a new brand or product you really love.

Frugal shopping has never been more efficient.



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