Scratching the surface of email

Good morning crew, I’ve had a few short discussions about this blog project and the common topic is email. OH MY GAWD. It’s the most important tool you have control over when using the internet and it’s endless conveniences. It can help you keep in touch with relatives, friends, colleagues and even enemies around the world. Gone are the long distance phone bills of yesteryear. You can send everyone you know pictures of your grandchildren MINUTES after they lost that first tooth or decided to seek your revenge by repeating history and colouring the walls of their parents’ living room (just like mom and dad!).

It’s a tool that takes a lot of learning. Most important, think about what you want to do with your email. Will you use it for professional communications, keeping in touch with family/friends or use it to remain somewhat anonymous for online dating and social media? If you manage your own service (Videotron, Bell etc) to have internet at home you may have been offered an email address when setting up your account. If not, you can choose a service from Microsoft, Google or other free webmail which are reliable, easy to use and free.

When setting up your email, the password and address will be the most important details to remember. Everything else can be recovered through your email as it will be the hub for other online accounts you choose to have, such as social media, online shopping, games, banking, dating and applications. Important first steps to remember: bookmark the log in page to your new email and take note of who you want to send an email to, being sure to save them in your new address book.

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