The wild west of Twitter

Tweeting isn’t just for tweens, and it’s not part of a Rockin’ Robin song (tweet, tweet anyone?). In my personal experience, the twitter trend has seen a sort of renaissance with the U.S. president using it to bypass traditional media and get his message to his supporters. So what is Twitter? Besides having what I think is a silly name, it’s a very easy way to have news and articles filtered and customized just for you. It’s easier than Google, albeit if you don’t update your searches your news will not reflect current information sources. Here are a few things to remember when cracking open the use of a Twitter account:

Twitter is like the wild west. Anyone with an email account and typing skills can start an account under any name. However, there is a feature called “Verified Account”. Blue circles with checkmarks confirms identities. Check out the Canadian PM’s account as an example:

Twitter can be used to simply “follow” people you want to read about. You don’t have to tweet, to use it. If you’re a fan of a sports team you can create an account, follow that team and it’s players, if they are also using the social media site, and enjoy the headlines, pictures and other announcements. However, if you start tweeting, there are some features to learn about.

Links, hashtags, notifications and the like are all explained on their easy-to-follow Help Centre:

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