Top three quick and easy tips to beat online crooks

While online theft is a difficult crime to stay one step ahead of, there are a few easy tips to follow to make it slightly more difficult for hackers to gain access to your online accounts. This list is in no way complete or custom to one specific service but offers a few general habits that are good to keep:

  1. This might be obvious but I’m going to mention it anyway…Sign out or log out of any website that you have entered your password into. Even if it’s at home on your own computer. Don’t just close the browser, but actually sign/log out.
  2. Update your account settings with a second level of verification. A lot of online services require personalized security questions (more options than your mother’s maiden name) and telephone numbers to recover lost passwords and account information. This is a great way to secure your information against hackers and it also makes it easier to retrieve access if you misplace or forget your password.
  3. Change your password! I know it’s annoying to yet again come up with another password with alphabet, numbers, special characters, upper case, lower case, secret ingredients and eye of newt but it’s your number one defense against theft and hackers.

This is only a short list of habits to adopt and not the complete secure way to block online thieves. When signing up for services and creating your account information, read about the company’s policy, even if it’s long and tedious. It may have information about keeping your personal info secure that is specific to their service.

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