Hello seniors! It’s November and as Canadians, we must embrace the upcoming (or recently arrived) winter. If you stay put during the colder months staying connected is very beneficial when roads are slippery and the mercury is plummeting. The benefits of connectivity can help you have goods, including prescription medications, groceries, books, and even your Christmas list, delivered to your mailbox or front door and avoid going out during bad weather. Some municipal or private snow removal services allow you to see when your street or neighbourhood will be cleared, making it easier to plan outings. Simply visit and enter a search for your city’s name and snow removal schedule.

If you travel south during the colder months, you can also stay in touch with family and friends easily with email and even see them on video phone calls with Skype or FaceTime. You can check the forecast of your less luckier friends and family and sit back and enjoy the warmer temperature, or order some weather-resistant boots for us on, have them gift-wrapped and delivered. The point is to let the internet help make the brunt of winter easier on us!

Seriously folks, the internet is like a buffet with endless choices. You simply have to think up what you want to use it for, and it’s there. The challenge is to change how you go about getting things done. On that note, I’m hoping to help teach everyone how to use the internet to their advantage. Stay warm!

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